Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization 

In most organizations, the demand for project and program work far exceeds the capacity to deliver it. Our Project Portfolio Optimization (PPO) service establishes and maintains an effective, optimal balance between projects and programs, their constraints and overarching business strategy. It enables you to make informed decisions on the composition of your business’s portfolio of program, projects and initiatives. We have successfully optimized project and program portfolios for companies around the world, across a variety of business sectors.

Our Approach

When properly executed, portfolio optimization can deliver maximum ROI on your organization’s program spend. With our approach, strategic priorities are achieved through an efficient mix of projects and programs. Using a systematic framework, we employ a defensible decision-making process to devote your best people, physical resources and management energy to the right areas. This approach can help:

  • Ensure that the projects and programs collectively meet the business’ strategic aims
  • Optimize use of resources to maximize benefits and coordinate timing of benefit delivery
  • Achieve the right balance within a program’s risk profile
  • Exclude inappropriate and/or irrelevant projects or programs

When to Use Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization is of primary benefit to a multi-project organization that faces any of the following issues:

  • Program agenda exceeds organization resources’ ability to deliver
  • Key management and technical resources are overloaded
  • Programs appear to have conflicting objectives
  • Programs are stopped or have run out of steam
  • Program sponsors are of differing organizational weight in the program bidding process
  • Planning is over-optimistic compared to track record of delivery

Our Proposition

Portfolio Optimization is part of our core expertise. We deliver the innovative approach, framework and supporting tools/techniques founded on our specialist program management skills. Count on us to help ensure:

  • High management confidence that the portfolio will achieve strategic objectives
  • Critical funding and resources are not wasted
  • Clear, defensible decisions are communicated throughout the organization
  • Projects and programs are initiated in a structured and disciplined manner
  • Initiatives are selected on merit rather than individual influence
  • Your program portfolio is consolidated and visible