Application Value Management

Application Value Management

Our application value management solutions can help balance cost, complexity and capacity and can help you lower cost of ownership, boost service levels and create new operational efficiencies.

Our re-engineering service offerings help you migrate from legacy systems to newer, standards-based distribution architectures that can meet today’s more stringent business demands.

Meanwhile, our re-engineering tools automate many processes required to implement advanced technology platforms. Using these tools, we:

  • Perform source code analysis
  • Re-design target databases
  • Convert certain programming languages
  • Re-design and convert user interfaces

By supporting some or all of your applications, our offerings ensure that your core systems remain operational, free of defects and responsive to changing user needs — and provide ongoing enhancements as required. As part of this process, we often introduce enhancements that improve service levels.

We can help you renovate core systems to comply with new regulations, new standards or other external events. Among the services we’ve provided are Y2K compliance, Eurocurrency compliance, decimalization within the securities industry, and compliance with the healthcare industry’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).